Choice….. it’s about having great options to choose from…

Loanshopper, for broker loan proposals that meet YOUR needs with secure connectivity. PLUS great tools to assist in your borrowing journey AND a $250 cash reward at loan discharge.

Your free personal broker home loan connectivity app


Personalised connectivity and control

Take control of your home loan search with this specially designed app that takes the borrower’s viewpoint and gives you a plethora of choices; whether you’re looking for a first home loan, or a renewal, or to get the best outcome for your investment property or looking for specialist advice as an SMSF borrower. Loanshopper could save you thousands year after year on loan repayments and help switch or renew at the right time every time.

Broker proposals

Choice of indicative loan proposals from multiple registered brokers sent directly to you, save hours to weeks searching for brokers.


Specify your timeframes to support timely loan processing that matches your needs.


Loan products

Over 7000+ loan products from more than 100 lenders, which means comprehensive coverage across the Australian loan market.

Borrower profile

Manage your financial profile in one place, for registered mortgage brokers.


Manage your documents for repeated loan processing submissions.


Stay connected to your broker with instant messaging for queries or progress updates.

Borrowing tools

Borrowing calculator and loan amortization tools to help you make decisions that impact your long term future prospects

Cash rewards

Earn $250 for eligible loan proposals when loan is discharged


Why use Loanshopper

A platform to streamline and fast track the mortgage lending process, to help you find the property of your dreams quicker, saving time and stress

Upload personal loan documents once for all brokers on the platform and use the state of the art  secure document storage system

Loanshopper is a platform that brings the shared economy model to the mortgage brokerage industry. Quite simply, our revenue model relies on referring you (the borrower) to the loan processor (the broker) and in return pass back a portion of the broker commissions as a cash reward.

Access brokers all over Australia in one place on one app, and empower you to pick and choose the best deals received through loan proposals from the brokers.

A user friendly interface designed to make acquiring finance easy, efficient and stress free.

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