Terms and conditions

Jul 5, 2023


Welcome to LoanShopper!


Loanshopper is a mobile application provided by Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd, that offers services, rewards and benefits) for home loan borrowers as listed below in “Our services” and “Our rewards and benefits”.


This documents explains the terms of use for the services in the mobile application. We respect your right to privacy, as outlined in our Privacy policy section.


As a registered user of the LoanShopper mobile application, you are agreeing to the terms below. These Terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Loan Analysis Solutions Limited. You accept these Terms and conditions by clicking the “Save” button when registering a LoanShopper account and by otherwise using LoanShopper tools.

Our services

  • To use LoanShopper features, you (the borrower) are required to register as a user on the LoanShopper mobile application.
  • Each applicant must fulfil all the below –
    • Must be 16 years or more
    • Must accept these terms and conditions
    • Must not be an evicted user of LoanShopper services
  • Registerd users will be required to submit personal information and documents via the LoanShopper mobile application. This information and documents collected will be used in context of your home loan proposals.
  • Data you  provide to LoanShopper may be private and/or sensitive and is collected and used by LoanShopper in according with conditions of use documented on the Privacy Policy page.
  • The information provided by you must be to the best of your knowledge true and must be kept factually up to date.
  • In case of joint applications you acknowledge that the joint applicant will be required to separately complete procedures that may affect the progress of your application.
  • Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd will make the best and reasonable efforts to keep product and partner information up to date with market fluctations and product changes.

Our rewards and benefits

  • Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd offers either of the following listed items, hereafter refered to collectively as “Benefits”, to users of the Loan Shopper application.
    • Cash disbursements to borrowers nominated bank accounts, hereafter refered to as “Cashback”
    • Loyalty points to be rdemeeded on partner loyalty schemes afiliated with Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd
    • Gift coupons to be redeemed on partner websites and services nominated by Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd
  • As special promotional campaings, Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd may offer any nominated benefits to new users as an incentive to sign up to the platform.
  • A cashback would be offered by Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd and is subject to the following conditions
    • The loan proposal is completed and the lender dusburses the loan
    • The borrower has provided the loan disbursement document clearly indicating the broker reference as required by Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd
    • The loan proposal is not from a broker they are connected to as thier  “client connection”
  • When a loan proposal is presented to the user, the application will make clear all benefits eligible (if any)
  • Borrowers may need to make a claim to avail the benefits as directed by Loanshopper application
  • Loan Analysis Solutions Ltd reserves the right to award and/or decline benefits to the borrower

How our services are funded

Loan Analsysis Solutions Ltd will operate Loanshopper as a shared services platform.


What this means is that we charge our subsidiaries and mortgage brokers (or thier representative parties) a fee for 1) access to data we collect from you (the borrowers), and 2) to offer services to you via the LoanShopper mobile application.


We also provide mortgage brokers (or thier representative parties) with reports and that help them better understand thier customers, thier needs and improve thier quality of service to you (the borrower).

Your responsibility

As a condition of use, you agree that you will –

  • Abide by the Terms and Conditions
  • Abide by the Privacy Policy
  • Not perpetrate fraudulent and dishonest conduct
  • Not distribute material that is violent or pornograaphic in nature
  • Not upload viruses or malicious code that could damange the service, the recipient or any other parties
  • Not use robots or other means to collect or harvest information for redistribution or sharing
  • Provide accurate information about yourself
  • Not share your access password with any other person


In event of a dispute, we strongly encourage you to directly contact us at complainsts@loananalysis.com.au so we can make the best efforts for resolution. All reasonable requests will be addressed via either means of arbitration or mediation and will be prefered over litigation.


We constantly aim to improve our services and the mobile application features. This may result in updates to the Terms and Conditions to remain accurate. In order to use the mobile application, you are required to accept the Terms and Conditions as and when they change.


You acknowledge that

  • We cannot guarantee the continuous and error free respesentation of products and thiid party information.
  • We do not review broker proposals and are not involved in the transaction with either lender or the broker agency.
  • We do not acccept any liability for content of the postings from brokers (the third parties).

Other provisions

1. Account suspension or Termination

If we determine that you have breached our policies or Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your account without notice.

2. Liability

We do not accept lability for any product descriptions or warranties on behalf of the third party. Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

Under no circumstance will we be liable to you for any losses, revenues, or consequential damages arising out products and services offered to you by our Third Parties

3. Permissions you give us

To use the LoanShopper mobile application you give us the following permissions –

  • The consent to share any and all information you share with any of our chosen subsidiaries and Third Parties
  • The consent to share your information with the co-applicant on the loan application
  • The consent to update software used by you that we provide
  • The consent to use your information for targeted marketing and market reports for our Third Parties

4. Deleting accounts

Requests to delete your account can be sent to account-deletion@loanshopper.com.au clearly stating your registered email address. Loan Analysis Solutions may get in touch to verify your request and prior to taking necessary actions.